Jones VS Cormier Full Fight.mp4


UFC 182 main event was promoted as one of the most anticipated title fights in the promotion’s history, and even though it produced an awe-inspiring performance from Jones, it certainly did not live up to expectations.

Jones and Cormier took part in an five-round contest on Saturday night, and although the Olympian started out aggressive and with vicious intent, Jones was able to weather the storm, and wear him down over the duration of the fight to close out the contest via unanimous decision.

Screenshoot :


Jon Jones will continue to defend his title against all opposition thrown at him, but it is unlikely that he will face a slew of disbelievers as big as the Cormier contingency for the next while. The easy match-up would be a rematch against Alexander Gustafsson if the Swede defeats Antony Johnson in the next couple of weeks. If Gus loses, then Jones can face Johnson in a title fight to relative intrigue from the fan base.

Daniel Cormier suffered the first loss of his professional career on Saturday night and will likely be several fights away from a potential rematch against Jones. However, he remains one of the top competitors in the division and will only be placed in big fights from here on out.

Download :  Jones VS Cormier Full Fight.mp4 Size : 68 MB


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